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Rules for the contact:
1) In the first message the respective question must stand. It would be good if you too Write about where we could know you from.
2) Keep in mind that the first message may not contain a link, as it would otherwise be replaced by our spam filter is sorted out.
3) Hints or partnership requests are of course welcome, but should be have a little note in the first message.
4) Anyone who sticks to the rules will also get a decent answer! Who does not it is ignored!
5) Support requests are ignored and deleted!

Bank accounts / credit cards:
The bank accounts or the credit cards are generated according to the original algorithm, therefore these are valid if you have them checked on a website like However, that is not said that these bank accounts / credit cards are to be assigned to persons. That means, the bank accounts / credit cards are valid but not given! Thus, no one can. Damage to the respective banking institution.

CVV2 / CVC code:
The CVV2 / CVC code can not be generated. This is provided by the bank with a specific Procedure and by encryption of each credit card individually assigned. Thus is it's impossible to get this code generated. The CVV2 / CVC codes on the main page of this Web presence is generated only at random.

PIN and TAN:
The PIN or TAN of an account number can not be generated in the same way as a CVV2 / CVC code. The bank generates these with a secret code and a not very well-known encryption.

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